International Business Services


«We advise and accompany those who trade, invest or undertake business in France and internationally. We provide a wide range of services with the aim to give you the ability to focus on what really matters, the growth of your business.»

International Business Services (IBS)


SBC GLOBAL ALLIANCE Funding member (

SBC Global Alliance is a global association of leading independent firms providing audit, tax, accounting, assurance and business advisory services around the world.

SBC’s members provide their clients with access to business services and support in the key financial centres, commercial cities and the principal trading zones across the world.

All members have the technical skills and experience of working with businesses and individuals that operate internationally.


The International Business Services

The International Business Services (IBS) is a specially dedicated team set up to offer advice and assistance to companies and individuals who face numerous questions and issues when doing business in France and internationally.


Local implementation and compliance with national regulations

  • Assistance in the constitution of legal structures
  • Assistance to foreign investors in determining the most appropriate mode of operation in the countries in which they operate
  • Connecting with recognized organizations and service providers

Securing operations

  • Accounting, administrative, tax and social advice
  • Acquisition audits
  • Mergers and acquisitions assistance and advice
  • Tax planning

Steering and management of subsidiaries

  • Accounting according to local or international standards
  • Use of our outsourcing platform CNS International (
  • Accompaniment in the recruitment of managers and qualified personnel

Tax advice

  • Tax Credits and Public Aid
  • Definition of transfer pricing policies
  • Taxation of impatriates / expatriates (CGSP)




Employer’s Guide Berdugo Metoudi

Companies have a large number of obligations and you are responsible for complying with them.

This guide is intended to inform you about the key aspects of staff management. You will find it easy and convenient to use on a daily basis. Your accountants and their employment specialists are happy to help you with any further questions you might have.

Doing business in France

Doing Business is an annual guide that is designed to provide key information to investors on a full range of regulatory, tax and employment law matters that may arise when setting up and running a foreign subsidiary in France.