Payroll & HR Support

« Simplify the publication of your salary slips, meet the deadlines, and secure your social obligations. »


Preparation of salary slips, social statements and tax returns

Salary simulation / business cost

HR digital portal / digital vault


Administration et gestion du personnel

Drafting of employment contracts

Employment hiring declaration (DPAE)

Affiliation to the pension, provident and complementary health insurance funds

Affiliation to and organisation of medical check-ups

Renewal of fixed-term contracts

Monitoring of leave, time-off in lieu and compensatory rest periods

Termination of employment procedure

Compliance with mandatory displays in the company

Labour law training


Administration et gestion du personnel

Contracts, provident and complementary retirement funds;

Pension assessment, settlement of pension rights


HR Support and Strategy

Resolution of disputes with social security organisations

Establishment of company agreements

Optimisation of profit-sharing mechanisms

(Incentives, participation, PEE-PERCO)

Election of staff representatives: Works Council


Social auditing