Comptabilité & fiscalité​


« Free yourself from your administrative burdens thanks to our range of services tailored to your organisation’s needs; Manage your business with peace of mind, we take care of and secure your accounting, tax, and administrative obligations. »

Outsourcing of your administrative and accounting management

Our organisation based on dematerialisation and electronic document management allows you to delegate to us all or part of the concrete tasks you need to perform under your administrative and accounting obligations.

We ensure their backup and retrieval. We also respect the legislation regarding the presentation of accounts in electronic format required by the Tax Authorities.

As part of an extended delegation of service, we provide :

– preparation of quotations and invoices
– follow-up
– invoicing and reminders to customers
– the administration of current correspondence
– assistance with payments

Digital platform

Our digital platform

Keeping and revising accounts

« Shared » keeping of your accounts tailored to the size of your organisation

Accounting revision

Preparation of financial statements and the set of tax documents

Management oversight

Support in managing your company through the use of management and monitoring tools :

– Dashboards (forecasts, cost prices, break-even thresholds, etc.)
– Cash flow monitoring
– Analytical accounting
– Management reporting
– Sectoral benchmarks
– Tax control support

Tax advice for the company and its leader

We analyse the impact of tax changes and advise the business leader with respect to managing their personal assets. We prepare and simulate tax returns (IR, IFI) and tax calculations to anticipate the decisions to be made to optimise our clients’ personal taxation.

Preparation of consolidated accounts

The rules governing the preparation of consolidated accounts fall under Regulation No. 2020-01 or IFRS standards. We are able to provide you with our support in this regard, from data collection through to the summary statements.